First Phillies Game Of 2013

Today I went to my first Phillies game of the year! It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia, sunny and 61 degrees…but you would never know it where we were standing! I believe that the best standing room only spot is directly behind home plate – you are close to the action and can see everything going on in the park/field. But this spot is in the shade and today was one of those spring days where you freeze in the shade! But overall we had a great time. I was really excited to try the new Federal Donuts they just added to the ballpark. I was a bit disappointed with their limited menu, I wanted to try one of their crazy donuts like milk chocolate peanut butter. The boyfriend and I split their chicken and donut pair, and also split a Tony Luke’s cheese stake. I am not to fond of fried chicken but the donut sure was good!

The game started off really exciting. Cole Hamels had a really great and quick first inning and the Phillies came out and scored 4 runs in their half of the inning. But then things turned rough when Cole Hamels got shaky, couldn’t throw a strike, walked people, and gave up the first grand slam of his career. Things were pretty pathetic between then and the 9th inning where the Phillies decide to make things interesting by closing their 9-4 gap to 9-8 with two men on base and Erik Kratz on base. He teases us with a 9 pitch at bat before striking out. I feel like I have been to 5 games where they mount a tremendous comeback only to fall short in the end. And my record continues to plummet as I am now somewhere around 13-6 overall since coming to school in Philadelphia. Some 5 years ago I was 5-0 in September/October. Oh well, still love my Phils, we’ll get em next time.

My standing room view today.  CBP is beautiful

My standing room view today. CBP is beautiful



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