Presence By People

ImageEveryone knows that Chewy is so adorable!  But not many people know that he suffers from severe separation anxiety.  The Brussels Griffon breed is prone to having this problem.  For Chewy, he has separation anxiety from my mom.  Sometimes it is so severe that he gets upset if my mom is on the other side of the room.  My mom has a normal job where she has to work 8 hours a day and since my sister and I are in college, Chewy is home alone for those 8 hours.  He can’t have free roam of the house because he will find something to destroy.  So when my mom goes to work Chewy goes into the laundry room.  You’d think it’d be safe in there with linoleum floors and nothing around for him to destroy.  WRONG.  Chewy tore up the entire flooring in the laundry room.  He also scratched at the baseboards until he bled.

Since we had to put our older dog down in January, Chewy has become worse.  He will no longer go outside by himself.  He also has begun to go to the bathroom in the house while my mom is at work.  He never used to do this before.  My mom has tried so many different pills and the thunder jacket and lots of other calming cures, but nothing works for Chewy.  So today I get an e-mail from her saying “Presence detected motion on Elizabeth’s iPad at 08:15 AM on April 3, 2013! Attached to this email is a short video clip of what your camera saw.”

There was a clip of Chewy an hour after my mom left for work – still barking.  My mom set up an app called Presence for People Power that allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a live streaming video camera.  So she gave me her log in and I was able to watch Chewy on my iPhone in Philadelphia while he was at my house in NJ.  It was a pretty neat service.  But it was also sad to see Chewy be sad and bark and not settle down for the majority of the day.  If anyone has any suggestions for helping Chewy with his separation anxiety disorder please let me know in the comments!

The app also emailed her later in the day when it detected motion – this time it was my grandma !  An interesting app to check out for sure, to check on your kids, your husband, or a burglar!


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