Need New Running Shoes

So I am currently in the process of moving in with my boyfriend. I am doing it slowly since I still have my apartment for a little while. The other day I brought over a container of shoes and my boyfriend and his friend were shocked at how many pairs of shoes I had. And truthfully, I had more that were not in the box!! But as a woman there are just so many types of shoes you need just to survive the year. You have your boots, your flip flops for summer, your snow boots for winter, your flats, and your high heels. And well you need more than one of each. Currently I am finding it difficult to pick shoes because it is still too cold for flip flops but I am sick of my Uggs and boots. And flats make my ankles freeze when I walk outside. First world problems, right?

Well last week I decided that my 3 year old running shoes had to go. I have been doing a lot of running this year and the back of my shoes are getting torn up inside and starting to cut me. I have decided I am going to get the Nike Free Run. I just need to pick out a color!


I like the mint green ones the best but of course they are the most expensive. And I think they would also eventually look dirtier than the other two options. Sports Authority currently has a $10 off $50 coupon which is ok. I may wait for a sale or a 20%. Or just get a totally different cheaper pair once I get to the store and try them on. ALEX





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