Easter Weekend

This weekend I am heading to my boyfriend’s parent’s house in NJ for the holiday weekend.  I always find packing to be such an interesting experience.  For me, I always try to plan out my outfits ahead of time, but you just never know what exactly you’re going to want to wear at different times.  So I packed two main outfits for the weekend and added in extras like cardigans, tank tops, etc.  Shoes are also another difficult one, especially during this time of year.  Do I want my boots or my flats?  Boots take up way too much room so they got nixed.  You can see I packed my dark jeans, blue corduroys, too many t-shirts, my new fringe bikini, some scarves, and overall just way too many things that I will probably never wear.  But it all fit in my black little NIKE bag so it doesn’t hurt!


I put out a few decorations for Easter!  I love adding to my holiday decorating collection and am excited to hit up Target’s clearance sale this week.  I see a million little plastic pastel eggs for .50 in my future!


Easter egg cookie jar – currently filled with granola bars!



5 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Instead of packing outfits, consider packing a capsule wardrobe instead. All the tops and bottoms mix/match with each other for multiple outfits. Now that said, your outfits could be part of a clothing capsule…

  2. Next time wear the boots when and pack the flats! Less space, more options.

    p.s. love the blog. You’re really good at this!

  3. wow such cute beanie babies that u r using as decorations 😉

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