Weekend Shopping

This weekend I went home to NJ for my cousin’s bridal shower. It was great to see my family and my doggies! I really don’t know how I live without them. But while I was home I also did some good shopping! I love shopping at home in NJ because everything has a parking lot! I am obsessed with parking lots currently because driving and parking in the city sucks. So on Sunday my mom and I tackled places that I had coupons to of course.

First stop was Old Navy. First, I have the Old Navy credit card and they have some kick ass rewards. I feel like they always have double or triple points on every dollar spent and are always sending me $5. At this point I had saved up $30 in gift cards and had a coupon for $15 off $50. I purchased the new eyelet dress in teal ($25), Black Rockstar Jeans ($11.49 on clearance), Control Max Top Capri workout pants ($12 on clearance) and a navy three quarter sleeve shirt, not pictured ($9) on clearance. So overall I paid $13 out of pocket and received $20 Old Navy Cash redeemable starting April 4th. I love getting good deals and I am happy with all of my purchases. I have had my eye on the Rockstar Jeans for a long time but never quite took the plunge. At $11 I couldn’t pass them up. I was also really excited about the eyelet dress, mainly because Old Navy dresses are typically too long for me because I am so short, so that was a nice surprise. The hardest part was choosing which color to buy! I loved this teal but was also considering orange and navy!

Second stop was Bath and Body Works where I did the 5 for $15 soap deal. Bath and Body Works soaps are my splurge item and they are definitely worth it. I also needed some summery scents to help kick winter’s ass out of Philadelphia. I had two coupons I used in this purchase. The first was a 20% off coupon and the second was for a free mini anti bacterial. There are two pictured because my mom gave her free one to me. I had a gift card so this purchase cost me $0.

We also could not pass up going to Target. I spotted the pink coupon holder in the $1 section. My old one was falling apart so it was perfect and I love the color! I still want to switch to a binder/trading card style of coupon holder but I’m not totally there yet.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Shopping

  1. Little girl in the city, staying pretty, in stinky Philly.

    Asiya and Juliana aka your two biggest fans. Literally biggest.

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