Haul of the Week


This is my drugstore haul for the week!  All of the items were purchased at Rite Aid & Walgreens. I have always been a couponer when possible, but just started getting heavily into the coupon clique on instagram. It has really changed my game! Here is a breakdown of my purchases:

Trip 1: Rite Aid

Bought 2 Fresh + Sexy @ $5.49 (sale price)

Used (2) $5.00 off coupons.

Paid: $1.75 (includes tax).  Received: $3.00 UP+ Rewards

Trip 2: Rite Aid

Bought 2 glade air fresheners @ .99 (sale price), 2 UTZ chips @ .99 (sale price), 1 travel size facial tissue @ .39 (sale price)

Used (2) .55 off glade air freshener (coupon said it was for the premium air freshener and would not scan…cashier read the coupon and said it applied to all Glade products and took it anyway.  I got really lucky with this!)

Paid: $3 in UP+ Rewards & .25 Out of pocket.  Received: $2.00 Up+ Rewards

Trip 3: Walgreens

Bought 1 Poise Product, 1 Starbucks Ice Coffee (not pictured – gave to roommate for her birthday)

Used $3 Poise Manufacturer Coupon, $2 Poise Walgreens coupon

Paid: .98  Received: $1 Balance Reward

Total Spent: $2.98.  – Total Retail: $26.93 – Total Products: 9

And I have $2 UP+ and $1 Balance Reward remaining!


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